Cakes, Slices and Breads.

Passion comes from making loving memories brought about by baking at home

Annabel Wood


Treats baked with Passion and Love

I have loved baking for a long time, and I am very passionate about it and want to share all of my special recipes with you!

My Treats

Treats made with Love and Passion

A doughy base, spread with raspberry jam, with a delicious coconut topping. 


Soft and gooey brownies, with mini marshmallows.


A creamy passion fruit layer, with a crumbly biscuit base. 


Light and fluffy, this loaf will leave you pleading for more! 


This impossibly light sponge will leave you astonished!


This pull-apart is great for a picnic!

But don't worry, that's not all! Check out my other pages for more delicious treats!