Annie's delicious treats


Apple and Pecan Pull-apart

Yummy spiced and stewed apple and pecans rolled up for you and your family to share.


Annie's special

A basic vanilla cake (but with lots of flavour) with a creamy and smooth passionfruit icing, topped off with fresh berries.




A rich brownie with mini-marshmallows. Just the right thing to share on a picnic. 




Passion fruit slice

A soft and crumbly biscuit base with a delicious sweet passion fruit topping. 


Chocolate Cake

A rich and creamy chocolate cake.


Banana bread squares

Light and fluffy banana bread squares. 


Raspberry coconut slice

This slice is delicious and simple, with a crumbly base, jam, and a coconut top.


Lemon and coconut pie

The softest cake you will ever taste, the creamy lemon blends with the coconut flavour. 


Apple and cinammon cake

A spongey cake with beautiful stewed apples and the sweet taste of cinammon.